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What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is becoming very popular, and is currently experiencing a large boom. More and more women are learning about boudoir photography. Many women these days are so very busy balancing all of the things going on in their own lives, there rarely have the time to relax and do anything for themselves. Boudoir photography gives women an opportunity to be pampered for the day. They are treated to a professional photo shoot with make-up artists, hairstylist, professional boudoir photographer and stylists, allowing them to be seen in a different light, and giving them photographs they can treasure for a lifetime. Denver based Colorado Boudoir has over 15 years experience shooting boudoir and glamour images that you can cherish forever.

The History of Boudoir Photography:

The word “boudoir” is derived from the French language meaning a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. It later became referred to as a place where females could talk and socialize privately in their bedroom or changing room. At times these moments were captured in photographs, and hence, boudoir photography was born. In today's times, we can see examples of boudoir photography nearly everywhere, from lingerie catalogs such as Victoria's Secret to magazines from Vogue to Maxim or Playboy.

What Type Of Photography Is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography involves capturing a woman’s beauty in a photograph. Every woman is beautiful, no matter what size, shape, color or age. This type of photography provides a way to bring out the beauty from within and translate it into sexy photographs. You do not need to have the body of a supermodel. Any imperfections can be hidden through careful clothing choice, artfully designed poses, and of course, any amount of retouching the client desires. A boudoir session should be fun, and is a way to allow you to show your inner beauty, as well as your outter sex appeal. It is a loving, intimate and private gift to show to your significant other, as well as show off a side of your personality that he may have never seen before.

During your session, your photographer will help guide you through the process of posing, all the while using lighting techniques that will be flattering to your particular face and body shape. You may want the photos to take on a sensual, edgy look, or you may prefer a more natural, fine art photo. All of which can be easily achieved through different makeup and lighting techniques. You want to be sure that you have found a professional whose taste are in line with your own, and whose ability allows them to execute the type of photos you want. Colorado Boudoir, located in Denver, Colorado, is exactly that studio.

There are a wide range of glamour and boudoir photographers to choose from. We recommend you find someone whose style you like, and whose personality you get along with. It is important that you feel comfortable in every way. Some photographers prefer an editorial, newspaper type feel to their photos. Some prefer a soft focus, glamour shot type look. In Denver, Colorado, Colorado Boudoir has a style all on it's own. We strive to shoot edgy images similar to those you would find in magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Stuff and Playboy, not the typical photos you may have seen before. Personally, we don't like the soft focus look of the 90's Glamour Shot type portrait. We strive to get away from that look with a more modern, magazine type of look to our photos. We also love to shoot black and white glamour photos, black and white boudoir photos, and black and white nude and fine art photos.

What Should I Expect When I Book a Glamour or Boudoir Shoot?

When you start looking for a glamour or Boudoir photographer in Denver, please rememeber to look for someone with a professional, experienced, reputable background. Check and see what their packages include. Does the price include retouching? How long is the photo shoot? What all is included in the price? Where does the shoot take place? Be certain you hire someone with a good team. Someone who has an eye for retouching. Check out the images in their portfolio. Does it look similar to what you would like to achieve with your photos? The more experience the photographer has, the easier it will be to provide you with direction during your both before, during and after your shoot.

An experienced photographer can help your vision come to life. Do not hire someone you do not get along with. Look for someone who is on the same page with you, and can understand what you are trying to achieve. Better yet, someone who can take your vision and add to it, making it even better than what you had envisioned. Be sure to talk in detail about what you are trying to do. Be sure to tell your photographer what the purpose of the photos are for. It will be helpful to email or being photos with you from magazines that you may wish to emulate, either because fo the look of the photo, or the pose. This will help your photographer get an idea of what you want, and hopefully he or she will be able to take that look and then make it your own. Also, it is important that you discuss pricing. Ask about what you need to bring to the shoot, and how the photographer expects payment and deposits.

What Should I Expect During The Photo Shoot?

The day of your photo shoot, be sure to remember to bring everything required of you. Eat a little meal before leaving so that you are not hungry during the shoot. Shoots can last anywhere from 1 to 8 hours, so be sure to bring water with you. Make sure you have all your clothing, shoes and props that you want to use. It is better to bring extra items and not use them than to not bring enough and wish you had something else.

A glamour or boudoir photo shoot should be a fabulous, fun process, and it is captured in a photograph for you to remember forever. You are giving your partner a unique gift, one which only you can give, and one of the few gifts he wouldn't be able to give himself. We at Colorado Boudoir in Denver, Colorado would love to help capture images you will treasure for a lifetime.